Relationships, Selling and Success: Podcast Interview

My conversation with Deirdre Breakenridge and the Women WorldWide Podcast team was amazing! I shared my entrepreneurial journey with Deirdre and discussed the power of making connections and forging authentic relationships in business.

In this interview, I also shared:

⭐️ My first entrepreneurial experience fell a bit flat, and how I learned to keep going.

⭐️ Failure does not mean that you’ve failed. It’s a stepping stone.

⭐️ Why do I always apply relationship-building to my sales repertoire?

⭐️ Why do I always learn about the client rather than selling them things?

⭐️ How can you get to the heart of your why?

Thanks, Deirdre Breakenridge, for the opportunity to be on your podcast to discuss what I’m passionate about!

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