Growing a Business During The Pandemic: Podcast Interview

When I decided to get into business development, and started working in the commercial real estate industry, I went out and started doing sales and marketing.

I felt very inauthentic.

I felt like I was selling something.

That’s when I began to realize, when I was my true authentic self, and I allowed my energy to engage with another person’s energy.

I was then not making a sale, I was also building a relationship with people.

Once I started to see that it went from situations of selling to building, I started to see my sales increase significantly very quickly, in a short period of time.

I had this trick in my pocket for a long time, and that is what I felt has allowed me to be very successful in every avenue of building and laying a foundation for a successful business.

The foundation that you start with and foremost is your authenticity, and that energy exchange you have with other people when you’re dealing with business.

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