Corina Burton

Brand Builder | Marketing Expert | Entrepreneur | Franchisor | Speaker | Mom x4 | Unstoppable Podcast Host

Hi I am Corina

As a Branding and Marketing expert, I live my life believing that I am Unstoppable. Now I want to share with others on how to build an Unstoppable Mindset too!

I am the co-founder of CPR Construction Cleaning, franchisor, founder of Unstoppable Media, a wife and mother of 4, serial entrepreneur, brand builder, marketing expert, and industry/generational disrupter.

With over 15 years of industry expertise in business to business authentic marketing, sales, brand building and considered an Industry Leader.

I am driven by my passion for cultivating relationships and sharing the stories of Unstoppable people.

I created my Unstoppable Podcast a series of profound conversations, to share the stories and experiences of unstoppable people.

Those who are looking to change, and put in the work to discover what it means to be aligned, tough and ready to overcome the challenges that stand between you and your dreams!

I enjoy and continue to also talk about what is the meaning to me of being unstoppable is across the nation.