Unstoppable with Corina Burton, is a podcast to inspire entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to push through their challenges, and learn how they can change their mindset, overcome obstacles to reach their full potential, and achieve success.

As a Branding and Marketing expert, Corina Burton lives her life believing that she is unstoppable. Now, she wants you to know that you’re unstoppable too. Her podcast is a series of profound conversations that share stories and the experiences of unstoppable people; those who are willing to change, discover what it means to be aligned, and who are also willing to face tough challenges that stand between them and their dreams.


About our host

Corina Burton

Corina is a mother of 4, serial entrepreneur, brand builder, marketing expert, and industry/generational disrupter.

With over 15 years of industry expertise in business to business authentic marketing, sales and brand building. Corina is driven by her passion and is considered an industry leader...

Season 1

Episode 1
Ken Patel

Chairman EV Hotel, EV Human, and EV Smart. The goal is to revolutionize the hospitality Industry with technology innovations that will create centric experiences for our guests and employees.

EV Hotel is the world's first tech/automation and crypto hotel!

Episode 2
Brian J. Esposito

Brian brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to The UNSTOPPABLE Podcast, going in-depth about his drive, ethics, and passion for connecting executives around the globe, challenging you to take a look at how you build relationships in your daily life

Episode 3
Melanie Borden

She has dramatically changed the way we view Social Media and how it can be utilized to grow your business.

Melanie Borden, LLC provides marketing and branding consulting to both businesses and individuals, as a resource for guidance as well as an outsourced marketing department, depending on a client’s needs and preferences.

Episode 4
Pamela Bardhi

She went from delivering pizzas to a 9 figure real estate career and is now helping others to achieve the same!

A real estate developer by trade and has transitioned into becoming a real estate and life strategist through coaching, speaking and building an international real estate team.

Episode 5
Cynthia Sassi

Cynthia has been a force in online publishing for over a decade, working with some of the nation’s most respected brands and publications along the way. The President and Founder of Fabulous Arizona and its parent company Fabulous Media Group where she has built her brand and team with only self-funding.

Episode 6
Steven Author George

Finding a passion in the Cannabis Industry and overcoming personal and business insecurities... Steven Arthur George shares with us his business transition into the Cannabis Industry and how following his passions in life helped him become Unstoppable.  Steven went from 5+ years working in the financial industry in Nashville, Tennessee. To following his passion of becoming a global cannabis advocate and advisor. 

Episode 7
Charlotte Carter

Ask yourself is it Personal or Strictly Business? Overcoming the initial challenges of starting a company from ground up in the unforgiving Fashion Industry.

Episode 8
Sergei Guk

Sergei Owns and Operates Restoration HQ, the go-to company for commercial restoration. Restoration HQ is on the cutting edge of projects involving floods, fires, mold and asbestos abatement, special waste and other chemical safety issues.

With extensive experience on over 16,000 projects throughout his career, Sergei shares with us the challenges he has overcome during his journey to making Restoration HQ #UNSTOPPABLE 

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