Corina’s coaching style is designed to help you identify old stories, limiting beliefs, and fears, and create a new mindset to make you more proactive, boost your acceptance, and encourage positive self development.


For a professional athlete, it’s a gold medal. For you, maybe it’s launching your business, overcoming your fears, or living out your greatest purpose in life. Success in any area of your life happens when you develop the psychology you need to give 100%, no matter what obstacles and challenges arise.

The key to unlocking that level of success is the same for you as it is for me: The key is coaching. Coaching is about understanding the world by understanding ourselves.

Blocks | Mindset | Vision | Change

Sometimes the only way to get past your fear is to recognize it, name it and commit to whatever you need to do to get past it.

Coaching is about understanding the world by understanding ourselves. Corina’s coaching style is designed to help you identify your limiting beliefs and fears, to create a new mindset making you more proactive, boosting your drive, and encourage positive self development in your career and personal life.

Start by removing blocks, ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs, visualizing the new you, and finally committing to being the change you want. We anchor them in by immediately applying them to one greatly desired, and super specific goal, chosen by you, that you’ll achieve by the end of this Unstoppable program.

How The Program Works

The initial one-hour call session aimed at identifying the source of the blocks and the steps we will take together in becoming Unstoppable.

Private 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom

Each private coaching session is recorded, so you can listen back for deeper insights and reflection.

Aimed Outcomes:

1. To give you the accountability, clarity, structure, and mindset you need to reach your one, magnificent goal.

2. For you to adopt a success mindset, and shift your perspective so you can manifest miracles that have yet to enter your reality.

3. To give you the tools to stay in this higher consciousness long after the coaching program has ended so you can continue to be successful.



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